Dog Lover Apparel & Gifts

Life is better with a buddy and that’s why we created DogKnows!

Comfortable and stylish dog-themed clothing and gifts for dog lovers, dog handlers, and anyone who shares their life with a dog.

Dock Diving Gear

Perfect gear for the long days on the dock. Whether it’s summertime and you need to keep cool in a lightweight tank or the crisp fall days have arrived and you need to keep warm with a comfy hoodie or sweatshirt, we have you covered. Literally.

Disc Dog!

Comfortable, stylish dog-themed clothing for all you disc handlers out there. 

Dog Sport Gear

Disc Gear

Agility Gear

Dock Diving Gear

Herding Gear

Obedience Gear

Flyball Gear

Dog-themed Clothing For Dog Lovers

Translating, illustrating and celebrating the unique qualities and thoughts of the four-legged philosophers who bring so much to our lives. Our best friends have a lot to say when we listen.

Love Unconditionally

Be Yourself

Life is Better with a Buddy

Be Yourself
Paw Print

Only One Thing Can Lick a Bad Day

Follow your Heart (customizable)