Here at DogKnows, we believe in doing good and lending a helping paw when you can. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to Macbeth, a sweet, scared Aussie who has had a pretty rough life so far.

Macbeth and his littermates were dumped at a shelter by a backyard breeder. Carolina Hearts Aussie Rescue (CHAR) immediately scooped up the terrified pups, who were nearly feral. Macbeth’s foster mom, was exceedingly patient with him, spending three weeks gently trying to earn his trust.

On the Run

But one day something spooked the skittish boy and he burst through a screened-in porch and took off into the woods.For five months, CHAR volunteers and other worried friends searched for Macbeth. They tried tracking dogs, humane traps, and even sedation, but Macbeth was so petrified, he outsmarted them every time.

Finally Found!

Finally, after five months, Macbeth was found holed up in someone’s barn. He was terrified and appeared to have suffered an injury to his rear legs. CHAR quickly got him and whisked him off to the vet.

Worse than expected

While everyone is so excited that Macbeth has been found, he is severely injured. He has a broken right rear femur and pelvic injuries. If that wasn’t enough, he has also sustained significant injuries to his rear left leg that may also need surgery. After vet consultations, the current estimate for the femur surgery is $2,500-$3,000! That’s only for one leg. If he needs the other, it could also be as much as $3,500!

Macbeth Needs You!

CHAR is fully committed to this aussome Aussie’s physical and emotional needs because they never leave family behind. In Macbeth’s short life, he’s only known a few short weeks of love and kindness and this boy deserves more than that and we want to help CHAR give him everything he needs and more.

For the next two weeks, DogKnows will donate 100% of profits, on any item, towards Macbeth’s care and we’ve designed two, limited edition, special shirts for Team Macbeth.

Show your support with the “I’m a proud Herder Hero” or “Aussome Aussie Posse” shirts, in both women’s and men’s styles.


You can also donate directly to Carolina Hearts Aussie Rescue.

We’re pulling for you, Macbeth, and know that life will only be better from now on.