dogknows us

Our best friends have a lot to say. We just need to listen. There’s wit and wisdom in their eyes. On the tips of their tongues. In every wag of their tails.

At dogknows, we speak dog. Translating, illustrating and celebrating the unique qualities and thoughts of the four-legged philosophers who bring so much to our lives.

The dogknows line of canine inspired apparel includes short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts and stickers, showcasing a variety of graphics, colors and expressions. Perfect for you, or for the dog lover you love.

dogknows you

Never lose touch with your inner pup. 

Just like our furry best friends, we believe in doing good things. At dogknows you’ll always find:

•   We love our customers and are always here for you!
•   We love being creative and trying new things.
•   We love our planet and strive to provide eco-friendly products.
•   We love good people doing good things.

We’re just two dog moms who love dogs and good design.

Lisa Limpach

dogknows was born out of a love for dogs and my belief that creativity should extend to every area of life. Obviously I’m passionate about dogs (I live with just a few and have fostered over 20) and it was only a matter of time before that seeped over into my design life. I am the founder and creative director at Chapter 2 Design where I help brands develop and design strategic identity, branding, marketing and advertising campaigns. I love the work I do for clients but I also wanted the freedom to design without limitations.

Melissa Connolly

I’m addicted to dogs, chapstick, paint, and fonts (not necessarily in that order). I’m the dog mom to 6 pups + 1 foster dog (and cat mom to 3 cats). I joined dogknows because I believe dogs bring joy into this world and that’s something everyone needs. When I’m not serving up new things at dogknows, I help pet business owners create kickass brands. I’m also probably running around chasing after a dog that is chasing a cat that is about to throw-up. #dogmomlife